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My friend is again showing me up by displaying his Dust Allies on his blog and reminding me I was supposed to be keeping up with his painting frenzy with my Axis…

In past posts I have shown off the collection of dust models I have and they have seen maybe 2 games since then.  Well past time I ‘Dusted’ them off again.

Coronasan’s Allies are looking great and will be almost all completed soon (until he buys even more of them).

My Axis, at the start of this week, was one unit and one hero painted and… Lets just say all the rest (100+ models) unpainted.

This week all that changed… well, a little bit.

IMG_1917  IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1916

The first unit of Axis Gorillas is done, along with Markus the Gorilla hero. 4 down lets not say how many to go…

I have however started the remainder of the Gorillas including their heavy assault option the Blutkreuz Pioneer Squad “Sturmaffe”. I have also started the central Axis hero of the Dust world, Sigrid Von Thaler. A lady of obvious talents and steely resolve. Also quite nicely psychotic it seems too.


To make sure that the apes are all individual I performed head transplants (never let it be said that my medical talents are lacking) to mix things up a bit.

We have a Dust game planned so I will be trying to get more models done for that over the next few days…  Zombies next I think!