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I have made some progress with some of the previously featured items in the last week…

Unusual I know, but maybe this blog is helping my productivity more than I realise.


I did a rough and ready drybrush over black spray on the footbridge from Hurlbat.  This was in a GW Brass. I then tried to dulled that down a little with a drybrushed coat of the grey I am using for the Deadzone stuff. I am hoping it will then match in with those items enough to be used alongside those pieces.


The brass proved quite difficult to cover so a second coat of grey helped to tone it down a bit more.


Also this little (actually quite large) item turned up from Hurlbat. These guys are always super quick with their eBay deliveries.



As I was in the painting mood, it almost instantly got one coat of paint.  I find very thinned down paints and inks best when painting MDF buildings.  I cant say this is the best method but it works for me. All those very flat surfaces can look slightly odd if I leave the paint too thick. Any detail can be lost very easily too with thicker paints.


Don’t know quite what to do with the centre of the column at this point…  Grey is my new best friend so I will attempt to paint the lighter areas without getting any on the carved areas of the iconography thereby ruining the whole thing.  Then it will be time to find something that will sit on top (anyone know any good, generic, 40-54mm figures?)


More of the Deadzone scenery got done too.  The VERY basic paint job is coming on well.  Quick enough to not cause me problems but the insides of the buildings are remaining unpainted as I thought about doing them in a second colour.  However, drybrushing inside a box is not as easy as it could be…


Plenty more to do though…